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If you are keen to have a luxury vacation and want to shed off all that stress, then look no further than our extensive Melbourne B&B LUXURY HOLIDAY HOUSE RENTAL. These properties are perfect for your next gateway with friends or family holidays as it offers you the opportunity for you to relax around the fascinating suburbs with your family and enjoy!

Fitness Centre

No need to worry about your fitness while on vacation with complimentary access to our in-house fitness centre for our guests. Life Fitness equipment with iPod and TV access, plus free weights and exercise balls allows you to customise your fitness regime. Locker rooms ensure convenience and privacy, with complimentary towels always available.

Banquets & Meetings

Our accommodation is equipped with Banquets, meeting halls and private dining rooms. There is a range of menu options that our dedicated team is ready to assist in creating a customised menu for your special event. Outstanding floor to ceiling glass wine cellars and many other attractions are there to make your wedding ceremonies, social gatherings and productive business and board meetings memorable.

Lounge Bar

The Lounge Bar always hosts parties with live bands and DJs playing sets. Get the best wine and beer with a superlative example of its style. Be it cocktails, wine, cider, beer, whisky, or even soda, every item on the long menu is carefully crafted by its variety and quality. It's a singular and incredible drinking experience, like many of the wines here.

Spa Facility

The beautiful and traditional style of bathhouse offers hour-long spa experience. We also provide private rooms with Japanese style massage if you are willing to try something extra. The day spa offers some incredible massage packages with different styles that are simply designed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed. You will thank us later for finding your inner peace.

Swimming Pool

The indoor swimming pool is a refreshing addition to our Melbourne B&B accommodation and makes the whole stay worthwhile. The pool is truly incredible that offers impressive views of the city and the beautiful surroundings full of scenic beauty. The setting is completed by a large swimming pool to enjoy a lovely day spa, numerous lounges, a gym and a stunning lounge area with Internet facility.

Fine Dining

The extensive variety of menu is what makes it the best dining experience. The best foods served by top-notch chefs from open restaurants. The dining offers a luscious setting for luscious food. Our team of chefs present their guests with the most arresting dishes that are savoured by people who come from every corner of the world. The serving staff is very warm and friendly and also recommends the best dishes that you can try. They exhibit sheer professionalism and answer inquiries about different steaks and sides. Enjoy sensational food in a fantastic setting to make your dining experience the unique one.